In 2021, Ribon registered 1,066,657 donations made by 203,274 donors. These donations were sent to 18 amazing charities. Here’s a summary of how each of them used the resources received:

The Instituto Dara was able to provide 1 year of medication for 13 children.

PACE provided training for 403 people, for 1 year, in food production.

Pão é vida provided 8,947 days of literacy for children.

Amor em Patas achieved 1 year of complete nutrition for 18 animals.

Infineat redirected 13,241 kilos of food to feed people in vulnerable situations.

Ecotece provided 2,040 hours of training for micro-entrepreneurs.

SOS do Câncer was able to provide 4,651 days of nutrition for patients with special diseases.

GAV introduced 511 people with disabilities to sports.

WPF was able to ensure 10,080 meals.

Renovatio offered 2,651 days of ophthalmological treatment.

Pimp My Carroça ensured 586 monthly incomes for recyclable material collectors.

Mundo Novo provided 35,770 days of complete meals.

Bom de Bola provided 831 days of assistance for 1 person.

CEO do Futuro provided 18,792 hours of training for young people.

Iracambi planted 1,461 seedlings.

FAS ensured 13,268 meals for communities in the Amazon.

DOM presented the work of small entrepreneurs to 2,048 people.

Donations received by Ribon are directed to social projects around the world that aim to change lives for the better.

All in all, donations made by our users this year helped improve the lives of 1,360,189 people!

Ribon thanks and congratulates all those who have used our app and did their part 💚