Ribon is a digital platform where anyone can have a simple, smart and efficient donation experience. We have been working for 4 years, impacting more than 160.000 lives through donations made by more than 260.000 users that have already used our platform.

We developed Ribon in closed doors for years, and we feel that now is the time our next step: co-create the donation platform of the future in the way that it deserves to be – decentralized. This is the beginning of our decentralization process and we are inviting the best people we know to contribute in our first steps.

All we do is potentiate good deeds, and we believe that Ribon’s innovative business model can create an incredible donation protocol to help solve some of the biggest challenges we have in our society. So if you want to be a part of it, join us on Discord to know more about our blockchain project and let’s build this wonderful future together!