We are obsessed with generating new donors, and we have a reason for that:

Currently humanity produces enough resources for all people on the planet to live, and live well. That is, if there are still people without food, water or basic sanitation, it is not just because of a lack of resources, it is mainly because of the lack of people genuinely connecting with these problems, and understanding themselves as part of the solution for them.

No major social advance we’ve had in human history (abolition of slavery, political rights for women, end of Apartheid, etc) happened with a simple bank transfer. To take the next steps and end the extreme poverty, environmental degradation and other social problems that we still face today, we need more than raising new resources, we need to raise new people engaged in achieving these goals that are so important for the world.

And what can engage a person more in a social cause than the very act of donating?

That’s why we’ve created the most accessible and scalable giving experience possible, so that anyone in the world can experience the joy of truly helping someone. And with this technology, we aim to generate 3 impacts on the world:

1. Raise more resources to help those in need today, alleviating as much of the suffering caused by extreme poverty and environmental degradation. This is the immediate impact of what we do, which takes the form of food, medicine, water, education, reforestation, environmental protection, and any other types of services or resources made possible by the work of NGOs that receive tickets donated by our users.

2. Engaging as many people as possible in social causes. We do this through our free donation experience, which turns people into recurring donors, who over time become increasingly active socio-political agents. When replicated on a large scale, this impact has the potential to create a collective social conscience at a global level, which for us is a fundamental step towards definitively solving problems as complex as extreme poverty.

3. Show the world a new model of organization called Teal Organization, that prioritizes the happiness of employees and stakeholders, becoming a much more conducive environment for innovation. Create a blockchain economy based on the Ribon Token, rewarding fairly and transparently all those responsible for the good functioning of our product. Prove with numbers that this model generates more results than current models. And disseminate this knowledge so that it becomes a public good replicable in many other contexts.

That’s what Ribon exists for.