Ribon for big donors

Engage thousands of donors in your cause and increase your donation by up to 60%

Como a Ribon faz isso?

How does Ribon do this?

Suppose a big donor is making a $10,000 donation to a social project through Ribon

User base

We take this $10,000 and divide it among 10,000 people so that each one has the experience of donating $1 to the social project

Community engagement

Of these 10,000 people, 300 enjoy the experience so much that they decide to donate another $20 from their own pocket, generating an extra $6,000

The result

Adding the extra value with the initial donation from the big donor, we have $16,000 going to the social project!

Everyone wins!

Big donors have their donation increased by up to 60%

The social project receives more resources to work

Thousands of people start to develop a culture of giving


Put the amount you have to donate in the Ribometer and see how much it will increase
if you make this donation through Ribon.

Grupo 850

Amount of your donation

R$ 5.000

*This increase is calculated based on the average performance of the NGOs currently listed in the app.

In just 5 months at Ribon your donation of R$ 10.000 will increase to:

R$ 19.500,00


Want to see this increase happen with your donation?

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Big donations that have already been increased by Ribon

Have increased its donation to Ação da Cidadania by 68% by engaging +45,523 new donors to the cause within Ribon.

Have increased its donation to Natal Sem Fome by 58% by engaging +8,235 new donors to the cause within Ribon.

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They increased their donation from 665 to 710 salaries for recyclable material collectors from the Pimp My Carroça project, involving +31,744 new donors for the cause within Ribon.

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