Como a Ribon faz isso?

How does Ribon do this?

We take a value already captured by the project and distribute it among our users so that they can make small donations for free

Multiplier effect

By having this free experience, some users end up enjoying the project so much that they decide to donate more money out of their own pocket, increasing the initial amount raised

It's good for everyone!

At the end of this process, the fund initially raised by the project is increased by up to 60%, and thousands of people start to engage with its work


Put in Ribometer the value your social project has available and see our
projection of how much this donation can increase within Ribon.

Grupo 850 (1)

Amount of your donation

R$ 5.000

*This increase is calculated based on the average performance of the NGOs currently listed in the app.

In just 5 months at Ribon your donation of R$ 10.000 will increase to:

R$ 19.500,00

Do you want to see this increase actually happen?

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“New business makes you help social causes without spending a dime”

“These 10 startups are, little by little, changing the country for the better”

Projects that have already increased their donations at Ribon

Instituto Dara

Aumentou sua doação em 56% ao envolver 14.367 novos doadores dentro da Ribon

World Food Programme

Aumentou sua doação em 64% ao envolver 18.965 novos doadores dentro da Ribon

Ação da Cidadania

Aumentou sua doação em 68% ao envolver 23.126 novos doadores dentro da Ribon

Instituto Dara

Have increased its fundraising by 46% by engaging 23,012 new donors within Ribon

World Food Programme

Have increased its fundraising by 39% by engaging 44,797 new donors within Ribon

Ação da Cidadania

Have increased its fundraising by 40% by engaging 53,816 new donors within Ribon