🚀Onboarding for Contributors

To make your experience contributing incredible, we have organized the most useful information in this text. Check out:

🖥️ Which tool will we use?

At Ribon our contributions are managed in Dework, basically it is a tool based on the famous Trello, but totally focused on Web 3.0.

Rewards, earn tokens through Dework

This is the main feature of Dework, you can be rewarded by different companies and with different cryptocurrencies. We are currently offering rewards in USDC in the Polygon network.

What you find when you open Dework

What you find when you open Dework

When you open Dework , you will see a “Create Project” button, the “Explore Bounties” button and the “Open App” button in the upper right corner that brings up a list containing wallets that you can use to accept payments.

At first, if you don’t have a wallet, enter your Discord or Github account.

How do you find Ribon Protocol in Dework

It’s simple, just click on this link: https://app.dework.xyz/i/3bXegPQuLpVLl958lwWJ6Z

But before that, let’s create your digital wallet? Only then will you be able to receive for your contribution

How will rewards be sent?

For you to receive your rewards in Ribons Token, you must have a wallet on Metamask.

If you don’t already have metamask, we’ve separated a step by step on how it works, so you’ll be ready to get your Ribons as a reward.

How to have a wallet in Metamask

References about the Web 3.0 World

In case you are still familiarizing yourself with Crypto or Web 3.0 issues, we have selected some essential references to give your contribution a boost.

What is Ribon’s history and purpose?

Ribon was founded in 2016 by three univesity students: Rafael Rodeiro, João Moraes and Juju. The goal is to create a solution that popularizes the habit of giving among Millennials and Gen Z.

In 2021, Ribon was ranked among the world’s most innovative startups by IDEO and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Currently, we are becoming a 100% open source protocol on blockchain, ushering in the Web 3.0 era marked by 3 major concepts: decentralization of services, greater data privacy/security and virtualization of experiences.

Sharing our culture with you

In addition to our entire Crypto Universe, we also focus on sharing our culture wherever we go, all through our virtues, behaviors that we apply in everything we do. Check out:

  • We take responsibility If Ribon has a problem, the whole team is responsible for it. Therefore, everyone has the autonomy to propose and implement a solution, preferably the simplest and most efficient possible.
  • We Google We don’t expect people to know how to give answers, we expect them to know how to find them. At Ribon, the first step in answering a question is not talking, it’s researching.
  • We build trust Our connections are based on love and sincerity, we listen with the same openness when we are right or wrong, and we speak only with the intention of building.
  • We are whole We understand that life influences work and vice versa. Therefore, we value a welcoming environment where people feel equally safe to show their strengths and vulnerabilities.
  • We live diversity

Haven’t activated your contribution in Ribon’s Dework yet?

To activate your contribution enter the Ribon Dework, simply enter Space Ribon Protocol – EN, choose your which contribution makes the most sense to you, and then you will find all the necessary instructions and links to carry out your activity.


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