Ribon Weekly Update #04

Confira tudo que aconteceu na última semana dos Ribonit@s, em mais uma edição do Update Semanal.

📊 Metrics of the Week:

– Unique donations: 39,720
Unique donors: 28,551

🗣️ Communication

Have you checked out Ribonita’s channels yet? No? Spoiler alert: we have a brand new Visual Identity!! If you don’t want to miss future news, we strongly recommend that you enter our social networks, website, and app.💚

🪙 Fundraising and Token

We have officially signed the contract with the lawyers and will begin the legal structuring of Ribon’s operation in the US. ⚖️🌇


Uowww, we hit our goal of 65,000 new users using our integrations (with partner companies) and exceeded our expected number by 3,667 😎🥳

👩‍💻🧑‍💻 Backoffice

We closed our first International Expansion slot, a big step that will enhance our impact and take Ribon to the World!! Oh, and now we have a real New Yorker on the team! 🗽🚀

That’s it @everyone, we have a lot to do, and it’s only the first week of August! But we’ll tell you all about that in the next Weekly Update! 🌟🌟

Missed the latest Weekly Updates?

No problem, I’ll leave a list of the last 3 editions of our Update, check it out:


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