The Movimento Bem Maior (MBM) is a non-profit organization, free from economic, political, or religious affiliations, whose objective is to promote social investment, the culture of donation, and philanthropy. Through special curation, the MBM identifies, supports, and gives visibility to social causes and organizations from various sectors, spread throughout Brazil.

The challenge

The MBM has a grand goal: to transform realities, build a better country, and double the volume of donations in relation to Brazil’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in ten years. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to bring more people into the movement and thus transform the culture of donation in Brazil. Working in a network is the way to do it.

Habit as a culture builder

Transforming donation into a habit is the main enhancer of an altruistic culture. To make donation a routine in the Digital Era, the experience needs to be: digital, mobile, gamified, easy, intuitive, and transparent. These aspects become even more urgent when thinking about a donating culture that embraces younger generations (Y and Z).


Ribon is a donation platform that has transformed the digital donation experience: the app brings together philanthropists and users to donate together to incredible causes. With the philanthropist’s donation, one more barrier to the donation culture is removed: the user can make daily donations for free. By donating through the app, the user uses their platform donation tickets – to drain the value donated by the philanthropist.

Donation campaign for Ação da Cidadania

Ação da Cidadania works together with community leaders in most Brazilian states to distribute food. With the crisis caused by the new Coronavirus, Ação’s focus was directed towards the hundreds of thousands of families in the country’s large urban centers who were left completely helpless at this time. Those who are hungry are in a hurry! Campaign Period: 01/04/2020 – 16/09/2020.

The Campaign

Instead of donating directly to Ação da Cidadania, the Movimento Bem Maior passed its donation through the Ribon platform, stimulating the culture of donation among its users. The cause was connected with more than 50,000 donors who made over 400,000 donations together during the campaign.

Doing and sharing

Through donations made on Ribon, a virtuous cycle is formed: the user shares their donation and calls more people to donate. In August/2020 alone, more than 200 donations were organically shared in the Instagram stories of several Ribon users.

The power of the network

In addition to donating with the support of a philanthropist (such as the Movimento Bem Maior), each Ribon user can get even more involved and donate from their own pocket. This is how Ribon, in addition to bringing more people to donate with the MBM, enhanced the donation to Ação da Cidadania.

The amount donated during the campaign was increased by 68.3% by users who donated from their own money.

Initial quantity of meals donated in the campaign by the MBM: 25,000

Quantity of meals donated by paying Ribon donors: 17,078

Total: 42,078 meals donated

The transformation

The partnership between the Movimento Bem Maior and Ribon brought a new way of donating: digital, mobile, gamified, easy, intuitive, transparent, and free!  MBM was able to bring 50,000 more people into its movement who wouldn’t normally be immersed in the culture of donation. Change is constant and networked: if the goal is to double the volume of donations relative to the Brazilian GDP within ten years, starting with a 68.3% increase in a campaign is an incredible step towards strengthening this network ♥︎

Making donation a habit is the main driver of an altruistic culture.