In 2022, Ribon registered 2,456,920 donations made by 671,764 donors. These donations were sent to 14 amazing charities. Here’s a summary of how each of them used the resources received:

The Instituto Dara was able to provide 1 year of medication for 87 children.

PACE provided training for 66 people, for 1 year, in food production.

Pão é vida provided 7,473 days of literacy for children.

Amor em Patas achieved 1 year of complete nutrition for 207 animals.

Infineat redirected 66,938 kilos of food to feed people in vulnerable situations.

Ecotece provided 16,964 hours of training for micro-entrepreneurs.

SOS do Câncer was able to provide 3,562 days of nutrition for patients with special diseases.

Horas da vida ensured 2,020 hours of telemedicine consultation

Natureza Conecta achieved 471 complete meals for 88 animals.

Evidence Action achieved 1 day of treated water, per person, for 41,806 people.

Living Goods ensured 1 day of basic health, per person, for 28,393 people.

Malaria Consortium was able to provide 11,928 malaria prevention medications.

PHC ensured 64,405 fortified meals.

SCI Foundation provided 129,257 deworming medications for children.

Donations received by Ribon are directed to social projects around the world that aim to change lives for the better.

Donations made by our users this year helped improve the lives of 1,360,189 people!

Ribon thanks and congratulates all those who have used our app and did their part 💚