Ribon is a technology capable of using donation money to generate new donors at scale. Our tool was considered by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as one of the 10 most innovative philanthropic solutions in the world, boosting donations from clients such as the WFP (World Food Program), The Giving Pledge and SoftBank.

How Ribon Works

1. It all starts with Ribon Grant Funds. Each fund represents a set of NGOs that work in the same social cause, such as: hunger, basic health, education, etc.

2. Instead of making direct donations to NGOs, the donor can donate their money to a Ribon Grant Fund of the cause they want to support (i.e. our Health Grant Fund).

3. The money stored in the funds is then converted into free donation tickets, which are distributed by Ribon’s partner digital platforms to millions of customers as engagement rewards.

4. Partners’ users receive their tickets, choose which of the fund’s NGOs they wish to donate the value of that ticket to, make their free donation and see the impact generated instantly.

5. After this experience, some of these users feel inspired to generate even more impact deciding to donate money from their own pocket as well.

As a result:
→ Thousands of people actively engage with the social cause through tickets.
→ The initial amount donated is increased by up to 50% by new donations from users.

Ribon & DAF’s

As a 501c3, Ribon can receive tax-deductible donations. So DAF Sponsors can offer their customers the option of donating to one of the Ribon Grant Funds, increasing not only the impact of their donations but also the profit generated by them.

More impact → because donations at Ribon are not just money transfers. Before reaching their final destination, our donations are used to raise even more funds for NGOs and bring more visibility to their causes.

More Profit → because Ribon transfers half of its revenue to DAF Sponsors who bring new donors to Ribon Grant Funds.

Ribon’s revenue channel

Ribon operates as a fundraising service technology.

If a new donation goes into a Ribon Grant Fund, it means that the fund has increased. When it increases in value, the fund itself pays a fee of 10% of the amount of the new donation received. This fee is payment for the service that Ribon technology has rendered in bringing that new donation into the fund.

However, Ribon does not perform this service alone. So only half of the fee actually goes to Ribon. The other half is sent to DAF Sponsors as a finder’s fee for connecting Ribon to new donors.

The best part is that the revenue sharing is transferred at the time of each new donation. That is, the more donations made to the Ribon Grant Funds, the larger the DAF Sponsor revenue is.

For a better understanding of Ribons impact on revenue and how significant it can be, this is a simulation considering a DAF Sponsor that makes 15% of its donations through Ribon. In this scenario, the potential increase in annual revenue is 45%.

This will already be experienced by a select group of DAF Sponsors who will start offering Ribon Grant Funds to their customers this year.

If you are interested in this product – either as a donor or as a DAF representative – talk to our team. We’d love to work to boost your donations too.